Half of the images in this set were captured (hmmm, is “capture” the right word?) at the same time my previous post’s images were captured. But, in the interest of exploring the possibilities of this camera, I ventured to my parent’s home. At one point, I would associate the place my parents reside as my “home”, but now, when I come to this house, it is a space I didn’t know as a youth. They don’t live in our old house, the family home. No room in this house was really ever “my room”. And so, I wander around, lost in an abyss of strangeness, disillusioned, scared.

Photography, ground me! Not in the way I would be grounded as a teen, after being caught eating a whole pie before dinner. Ground me like gravity keeps us firmly planted on terra firma. Don’t let me float into the confusion of unfamiliarity. Make me feel at home in places that are not my home by connecting, through your glass, to the beauty around me. “Focus” me, photography (pun intended)! Focus me and keep me from freaking out at my parent’s house.

These pictures were shot on Kodak Ultramax ISO 400 35mm film with a Canonet QL17 G-III. Then they were scanned onto a computer using the CanoScan 9000f MK II. There were slight adjustments made using Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software.

Took a few pictures at mom and dad’s.