35mm Film: Third Roll (Pentax K1000)

T’other day I went with a friend to an art exhibit. I suppose art is that special result of divine inspiration and spiritual creativity when coupled with decisive action. The exhibition was called “The Source: Rethinking Water Through Contemporary Art” and there were some images with write-ups about migrant farm workers. Along with capturing (ever thought taking a photography was like “capturing” something?) some of the exhibit using the gift of photography (through a camera), I also went out and took my own photographs that I imagined might fit nicely into the gallery.

Creativity, you lead us down dark corridors, pitch black tunnels and through shadow (as Tolkien would write), but you always bring us out of these places into the bright, beautiful light of art! Thank you for your satisfying feeling of accomplishment and your sweet spirit of meaningful existence. It is through you that we can find ourselves, reach others and be in touch with things beyond this world, the things of heaven.

These pictures were shot on Kodak Ultramax ISO 400 35mm film with a Pentax K1000 using a Pentax-A 50mm f/1.7. Then they were scanned onto a computer using the CanoScan 9000f MK II. There were slight adjustments made using Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software.

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