These are the photos from my first roll of 35mm film, taken in the small town near my red brick-ed cottage. I strolled around, excitedly taking pictures of anything I thought might create a pretty or interesting image (as you do). The Pentax K1000 has a light meter built into the viewfinder. There’s a little line which shows how exposed your image is going to be. For these images, I kept that line centered, which promised to keep things properly exposed.

When I got the images back from Walmart, scanned to a CD, all the images looks fairly over-exposed. I learned, after scanning them myself, that the pictures weren’t over-exposed afterall. I learned that after I had used a second roll of film, keeping the needle a little lower than center. Luckily, this didn’t cause the images to be too underexposed and my second set of 35mm images are even better than the first.

These pictures were shot on Kodak Ultramax ISO 400 35mm film with a Pentax K1000 using a Pentax-A 50mm f/1.7 for the most part and a Pentax-M 28mm f/2.8 for two shots. Then they were scanned onto a computer using the CanoScan 9000f MK II. There were slight adjustments made using Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software.

It’s really fun to capture (there’s that word again, “capture”) pictures on a 35mm SLR. You don’t know what you’re going to get, can’t look at the back of the camera and retake. You need to take the time to focus, compose, expose and get it right the first time.