Being out near my humble cottage, admiring the beautiful homes and precious flow’rs, I’m happy, I feel alive! But when I have to drive into the dark, dirty city, I can feel myself dying slowly inside. And that’s what I wanted to capture (wow, what a powerful word “capture”) in this series of pictures which were taken by means of photography. Yes, the architecture is cold and often cluttered, the buildings might be bland and greasy, but I might have found some strange, ugly beauty here too (do you know this term?).

And as I walk by these walls made of brick upon brick, might I feel glad in my heart that I am not trapped inside this square, horrid enclosures like a prisoner. As I walk freely, camera with which to take photographs in hand, may the iron fences and jail-block walls not crush my spirit and make me imagine myself closed inside this colourless underworld from a bygone era, like being caught inside some old movie about Alcatraz (“The Birdman of Alcatraz” for example).

Black and White almost makes these images look pretentious. Don’t worry, I’ll keep and eye on that.