Memories are wonderful places to go when you need to be lifted up by something wonderful or when you get a little too happy and need to be taken down a couple notches with some horrible history remembered. But the very thing that can control your mood like a yoyo (the more talented rememberers can do “around the world”) is very unreliable.

I took a bunch of pictures of this place, but can’t remember what it was, for the life of me.

As you can see, it’s beautiful with the setting sun hitting it just so. The whole block seems really well put together, actually. But where in Roma is it?! By Nero’s burning violin, I must know! Look at those cool stairs? Does anyone know where they’re located? Comment!



Below (see picture: underneath) you’ll see pictured a picture of the same area (where?!!) in the upper pictures (photo: scroll upwards), but from a different angle (I wrote about perspectives in a previous post). Appropriately, it’s taken looking down the hill from where the building is. You actually see the little monument thingy here in the first picture of this post, but from the other side. But that’s not important… this section is really about the people.

Jen and Carrie (the two young ladies sitting n the curb thing), are two young ladies who were visiting Rome from France. When asked where in France, they made faces of discontent and Jen laughed uncomfortably. I was sure to laugh along with her to keep the atmosphere light and mention that I had no plans to follow them back to France (coming soon: Understanding Paris).

I asked them if they ate baguettes and Carrie scoffed while Jen looked confused and asked “What is baguettes?” I may have mispronounced it or something. Anyway, they walked away (Carrie rudely pulling Jen… I really hated Carrie’s attitude) so I couldn’t even get the brand of their sandals. But I’m pretty sure they have a fascinating story. It seems hard to find people of interest of whom to do photojournals.

They may have been scared of the guy trying to sleep on his backpack beside a bunch of empties. But this kind of public drinking isn’t uncommon in Roma and I’ll tell you why…

This is how they sell booze. You can get it anywhere, not just specific shops. Here you see wines celebrating some of the most detestable people to ever walk this planet: politicians, commies, dictators. It’s smart because the memory of these monsters could drive the most sober amongst us to drink them away. Remember, don’t drink and drive.


Here’s what appears to be a common fruit stand. Lo and behold, booze. Get a can of pringles and some bubbly to wash them down with. And then go walking down the street with it as if it’s perfectly normal. Then go pass out on a monument and seem homeless (if it wasn’t for your beats headphones and bling bracelets, it’d be hard to know you’re not). Roma… what a mess.