~ The sound of a beautiful choir singing like angels ~

rome50rome51The holy war I fight within
My camera sensor or my film
Can raise me up above the din
Or lower me to my knees

And there I am, a humble slave
To all the beauty I can save
On film or in a harddrive grave
To exhume when I please

But is there meaning in these shots
That might change the hearts of men?
Or should I quit before I start
Ne’er to begin again?

Oh, angels from pixel heav’n
Descend upon me now
Guide me where to point my lens
Exposure, show me how

And so, this holy war’s not mine
I’m just a soldier, stood in line
And God must know that I am try’n
And I will never cease

And each new image, no mistake
I will shoot them for your sake
I pray, the Lord, my soul to take
In a holy, perfect, pictorial piece
rome46rome47Haste the day that I may sit
Upon an earthly throne
A throne for published paparitz
And nev’r be alone

Just maybe if my hand is steady
Maybe if my camera’s ready
Maybe if the scene is heady
I might just sell on Getty

And if I do, some money make
Will you be my bride?
And meet me at the altar where
Love will be imbibed

Will I finally climb that peak
And look down on my foes
And stomp them till they cannot speak
And bury them in rows?

Yes, one fine day, I will be king
As sure as light refracts through glass
That day, I will have all those things
I did covet as they pass

Speak to me, my love, and say
That only what I shoot, you’ll see
And say you love me every day
And I shall only shoot for theerome48rome49I’m lost, I’m lost
Through world tossed
Alone, forsaken
In the dark, in the frost

How can I find me?
Where will I me see?
I’m a stranger to myself
I don’t know who I should be

To travel back in time
To sift through all my crimes
To see from whence I’ve come
Will I know where now I rhyme?

Will I know all that I am
If I take my camera in my hand
And glancing, glancing
See my journey through the sands

Or is a brutal truth now known
That all the fruit from what I’ve sown
Is empty, meaning nothing
And I am no one, all alone

Oh, camera, please, your grace extend
Help this broken heart to mend
Show me then, my only friend
Help me find myself before the end

Trivia: Which of these is the outside of which the other pictures are an interior?