Honour comes to those with honour. – Anonymous

And I felt so honoured to be able to capture (have I used that word before… “capture”?) this beautiful creature in her natural habitat (at her house).

When I arrived at this undisclosed location (actually, Kia sent me an Uber and then made me promise to blindfold myself so I wouldn’t know where I was going), for some reason, although I had made all attempts to seem professional, Kia had yet to apply her make-up.
So, we spent the first little while in her bathroom as she made herself “presentable”, as she said. I thought she was beautiful the second I was greeted at the door (after hearing 5 or 6 locks unlocked). It was time well spent, some might say. I’d say it would have been time well spent BEFORE I arrived, but whatever. I was happy to get some candid shots of her applying her face (remember when people said that about putting on make-up?).

Being brave doesn’t mean anything unless you were a coward first! – Anonymous

I haven’t done much portraiture as my more dedicated readers will know and I was a little nervous at first, but once we got into it, Kia and I had a great time.

As a quick aside, Kia wanted me to make it clear how to pronounce her name. I know you think it’s like the car brand, but it’s not. It’s K-eye-ah. And no, she doesn’t drive a Kia. She wanted me to make that clear too. She drives a Mercedes. Interestingly, she has a best friend who drives a Kia whose name is Mercedes, but pronounces it Mare-crud-ees.

The trio is rounded out with their friend Venus who drives a Saturn, but that doesn’t really apply to this.

You’ll never get the right answer until you ask the right questions. And also to the right person, because you can ask the right questions to the wrong person forever and never get the right answer. – Anonymous

This is kind of a cool photo contest/questionnaire/game that I thought would make my photoblog more fun and interactive. Please answer in the comments (I’ll also include answers in the fine print at the end of this post). DON’T CHEAT!
In the following photos:
1) In what 3 main ways are these photos different?
2) In what 2 ways are they identical?
3) Which one do you like better?
Give it your best try! There’s nothing to lose… and nothing to win.

These are the stairs which lead to Kia’s bedroom loft. Before ascending them, she sat down on them (as seen below) and got serious. She told me she wasn’t about to let me up with my zipper down.

How embarrassing. It was down, but she KNEW I just peed. It wasn’t a funny joke or a kind thing to say to someone taking your picture, but that’s Kia, she has a wicked sense of humour.

Don’t look at what other people have and want it for yourself because it’ll just make you miserable and hate your life, when things are probably fine with what you already have. – Anonymous

Kia has a great bedroom space! It’s really nice with a lot of cool stuff making it eclectic and just a cool place to hang out. You can tell she’s put great care into the acquisition and display of some of her items.

It should be noted that none of the items in her room are for sale AT ALL. Don’t even suggest it. She does have quite a few chairs, but, apparently, all of them are VERY special. So, hands off. As a matter of fact, it was requested that I hide all personal items in the bokeh of the photos. You’ll just have to imagine the treasures.

You’ll never find happiness if you try desperately to experience it. Happiness needs to find you, in a sense. Or, not find you, but you need to be quiet and still enough to know when it comes. I’m not telling you to sit around and don’t do anything fun, but just don’t expect to find happiness when you’re searching desperately for it because you’ll never feel fulfilled. It’s like, once you finally aren’t trying to be happy, you realize you are happy (which is why you’re not trying). It’s a paradox, really. – Anonymous

That quote has nothing to do with Kia or these photos. Or me, for that matter.

Answer Key:
1) Kia is smiling in one, not in the other. Blanket is moved. Lamps.
2) Kia and couch in both.
3) The smiling one. Or no, the more serious/sexy expression. But then, smiling is also sexy and beautiful. The other one has this kinda cool attitude tho. Oh, I don’t KNOW!!

Could you pass the lemonade? – My brother Luke