An Evening with Christina Christiansen

When you’re faced with beauty, you MUST capture (hmm, “capture”, ever thought of photography that way?) it!

It was dusk, a few days ago (dusk happens every day, but I’m speaking of a specific dusk which occurred a few days ago) when I bumped into Christina Christiansen. I’m not going to pretend to be an avid outdoors-man, but at times I like to drink in the air as the sun sets on another precious day. It hydrates my soul and I find my slumber takes on a deeper, richer revitalization than when I lay on the couch watching cartoons (as amazing and edifying as cartoons are).

There she was, walking long stretches of boardwalk, admiring the nature, looking for the sun behind the clouds. I stopped her, introduced myself (“I’m Joel van Vliet, professional, but never pretentious photographer who tries to inspire my viewers’ spirits through the beauty and magic of light on sensor.” My typical greeting.) and begged her to let me take her picture. At first, she was apprehensive. There was no insecurity, she had just come her to meditate on the wondrous surroundings and be lifted to higher states of being, but now I was about to distract her from that.

I explained that her beauty, through my camera, could change the world. I told her we could inspire others to take photos, model and possibly bring world peace. I got down on my knees, tears in my eyes and implored her. She finally agreed, “If there will be transcendence, I guess I will”.

But by that time it was getting darker. We needed to rush to beat the night as it closed in on us.

Oh, daylight, in the face of photography’s light needs, let us understand how fragile and impermanent our lives are, our TIME is. Bring us closer to the understanding that everything is fleeting and through that, search for what is truly important and lasting, like you: photography. But when we set out to do something which can drastically change the course of history, like taking a picture, please let us take our time, breathe gracefully through the heavy responsibility and help us create those images which will burn through eternity.

Had to use some pretty high ISO settings.

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  1. Don’t be shy and move in closer.

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