As I cycled peacefully, admiring the water pouring over a cliff and its associated buildings, I happened upon many other things of beauty which were worthy of capture (have I used that term “capture”?). Each floating petal, each swimming goose brought tears to my eyes. It was hard to look through the viewfinder of my camera (the tool I use to take the photos) with my eyes misty with emotion. I also kept on bumping into things whilst cycling since I was blinded by the burning sobs.

Photography, why do the fish become more vibrant and magical why they are fighting? Is that why flowers are so awe-inspiring? Because they’re fighting to stay alive, against the elements? Why is the lonely minnow amidst the dead leaves so drab and depressing? Will I be more beautiful if I begin to war against everything? Should I start battle after battle and try to destroy everything in my path for the sake of aesthetics? Photography, should I?

Took a few pics around Niagara Falls. It’s basically more Canadian geese.