There is a city near the small town where I live in my red brick-ed cottage (with two mature trees). Among the wildlife, I was able to capture (and really suck that word up “capture”) the reflection of the sky in the windows of office buildings. The day’s end brought me to a secluded bay, you won’t know of it. There, I was able to see the light from a tired, setting sun dancing off the rippling water.

Oh, that I might be the light to someone and reflect off of their surface. Bring to them a reflection of me, by which they can see the ripples in them. And as I look at those ripples, being illuminated by the light of my person, let me also notice all the attributes of might light through the reflection in the them. So, ultimately, let us learn, by reflecting on things, through each other, but as a metaphor.

Got pretty close to that squirrel downtown too.