Usually, and this might get a little deep, but never pretentious, we will have opportunities to face our fears. If we had no concept of something, how could we be afraid of it? If we have a concept of something, it must exist in our immediate reality, mustn’t it? That’s what was found, in the dark (achluophobia) of the night (nyctohylophobia), dinosaurs (ornithoscelidaphobia) and Ferris Wheels (heights: acrophobia).

Fear, you have controlled me for too long. Oft I’ve wondered where I might find freedom, relief, release, a way out from the binding panic and freezing terror of fear! May these images hold those things I’d run from, capturing (and really breathe in that word “capture”) them in their own prison, safely within a rectangle. The raptor will not gnaw, the T. Rex will not chomp and I will not be slowly, smoothly, lifted until the Ferris Wheel falls from its axle and it rolls freely, crushing me inside the car and killing millions of people.

I’m not really afraid of dinosaurs (they’re extinct) or heights, but these pictures are dark, which is scary.