There’s that feeling after the fall falls away and the first snow falls as the falling leaves are still falling, that you forget what it’s like to fall in love. You’re watching out the window at the impending cold, frozen white of winter and feeling like you’re just as dead inside as everything is outside. It’s a reminder of our mortality, maybe, seeing everything die, feeling yourself dying, slowly, year in, year out, with every lost love. Yes, there might have been too many commas in that last sentence. Sue me.

And through your eternal eye, photography, let me please feel a sense of life, the possibility, maybe even the inevitability of rebirth. Glow, oh blessed pictures, from the moment you were captured (hmm, “captured”) into my eyes with the brightness of your frozen (but not in the dead wint’ry way) memory. Bring me back to a time of warmth, growth and love. Free me from this despair.

Here are a few pictures of downtown from earlier this year.