Sometimes photography brings you things, brilliant things, beautiful things when you weren’t/aren’t expecting them. This is just what happened the other day when I had the great fortune to capture (hmm, “capture” kinda a neat take on photographing) my dear friend Emily. How was I to know that this chance meeting in a strange but gorgeous, secluded, deserted garden would result in a fantastic set of images in two parts? Answer: I wasn’t to know that. But that’s still what happened, knew I it or not. (More about Emily in part two).

Happenstance, serendipity, luck, fortune, are these all not just words for photography? Or at least the way photography unites people to create something which, if you haven’t lost your breath, you will exclaim is the most precious expression your eyes have been laid on? Yes, these timeless moments trapped in a rectangle, frozen in time, but still beating with the heart of a lioness, bursting in the chest of all who are lucky enough to have the serendipitous happenstance to fortunately see them.

Went to practice taking pictures of people with my pretty friend Emily (click her name to see her website).