Emily floats across the soft grass delicately as not to disturb it. She is light and airy, like something from a dream. The first thing you’ll notice about her is how beautiful she is, the second is her humility. I tell her she looks gorgeous as I review some shots I captured (ever considered that photography is like “capturing” something in a picture?). I think she’s ignoring me because she doesn’t respond. I say it louder, right at her: “You look absolutely gorgeous in these!” Still she sits admiring the flow’rs around her. I soon come to realize that she isn’t responding because she’s so humble, she doesn’t imagine I could be saying she’s gorgeous. We’re the only two people in the garden.

Oh, Emily, you have a simple presence of complex uniquity which doesn’t need a fanfare to announce itself. You’re like beams of sunlight, cutting through the darkness, filling the world in its easy, nonchalant way. The sun really is nonchalant. It’s my prayer that I was able to get some of that light to hit the sensor inside my camera and expose a digital representation of your original soul.

Of course, Emily Andrews is worth checking out on her site and on facebook!