In the summer, all we see around us is beauty. There is never anything else entering our view. Not one ugly or disturbing image is seen for those months, because all we look at are flowers. And pretty girls. These pictures, taken in a local park, just a short ride on my bright red, fixed-gear bicycle from my brick-ed cottage, down a dusty lane from the river, were meant to capture (and I hope that word “capture” resonates with you) that all-encompassing summer beauty.

But let us not hide away under roofs and behind windows, let us run out into the summer heat and drink in those awe-inspiring sights. But let us remember, that as the ugly person is imprisoned by their ugliness, so are the beautiful chained by beauty. They can’t be free from it. The delicate, soft, vibrant gorgeousness is impossible to unbind. Photography, help me show those precious chains, that jubilant jail, to the world by clicking the shutter (technical).

These are some older pictures from the past summer.