Holy macro (a little photography humour there)! I don’t know why it is that I relate so well with the tiny things of beauty. Maybe it’s due to the overwhelming amount of times people have yelled “You’re so small! Such a small, pathetic, little man!” in my face, red with anger. I guess, in a sense, I am like these lovely, round berries, fluffy flowers and intricate insects: beautiful.

Through the shutter, we shutter at the immense awe we feel at the sight of things we have never seen before: the veins in the leaf, the stripes on a honeysuckle. As we capture (mmm, what a remarkable concept “to capture”!) petals so clearly that you can see their soft, velvet texture in the image, let us understand that we are exposed (pun intended) to perfection in so many ways throughout our life.

Got a macro lens, but it’s all manual, so it’s hard to focus. It’ll take a lot of practice which is annoying.

Japanese beetles are gross. Don’t be fooled.