These are some pictures that I captured (wow, interesting take on photography: “capture”) around the time when I posted the “Walking Around an Old Town Near Home“. They’re those pictures from here and there that didn’t find a home in other sets, so they will settle here, in this particular blog entry (and this is a blog, a photo-blog).

Why didn’t these pictures appear before, in a more themed post? Why didn’t they join their brothers/sisters in some coherent collection? Are they not good enough? Did they not meet the standard which I demand of all the images posted on this website? Obviously not, as these photos can stir in the viewer the kind of inspiration it takes to turn them from evil to good, poverty to riches, death to life (not literally). They’re THAT powerful.

Oh, website, that I might learn from you. That I might learn that even when there is no space for me in the official, well-planned, carefully constructed areas of life, I am still beautiful and valuable. Even if I’m an after-thought, the last friend to be called, the person you’d only message when you’re REALLY bored and everyone else is in bed, I’m still important and interesting. Let me be like these photos and gladly accept my place in life (or on this website, for them), even if people only look at this website when there’s nothing better on facebook.

Shot a few miscellaneous images and thought I’d throw them up here.