Under the cover of night, we traveled to a place rich in sounds, smells and sights. The reds and blues shone through the midnight air and dim cries of triumph swam through the din of clinking tokens and arcade songs. But how can one capture (and really suck up that word “capture”!) all of these sensory stimulation in the lens of one silent camera? These images are the attempt of one humble photographer.

Let the apples shine red and the light bounce off the glass case to bring forth evocative images of youth, playful nights in the silly places. And maybe, through these shapes and colours, new life, inspiration and love could grow in the hearts of those made bitter by the lack of lollipops and air blowing through tiny holes on tables, carrying pucks, like a UFO flying low over the land, into the slots of their enemies.

Went to an arcade and candy shop, took a few pics.