My dear friend, Emily, agreed to be the subject of another dalliance ‘tween light and glass. “And, indeed, a mirror,” you cry. No, my sweet angel, no. My days of having a mirror in my camera are over (this may be a little too  “inside-baseball” for some readers).

Fujifilm xt2 56mm 1.2 fuji Fujifilm xt2 56mm 1.2 fuji Actually, the term “inside-baseball” might be a little too “inside-baseball” for some readers. Not inside the concept of photography as much as, well, language and idioms. Now I’m wrestling with whether or not I should explain the term or just move on. Hmm, “wrestling”, another sports related metaphor. It’s interesting how sports, such a stupid thing, has had such a great influence on how we speak. From a marketing stand-point (which is a rare stand-point for me), it’s a real home run!

… there it is again!
Fujifilm xt2 14mm 2.8 fuji Fujifilm xt2 56mm 1.2 fuji

And ‘neath the light of this bright room, her picture take, her picture take. Dear, Emily, with her brown slip-on shoes, no mistakes, no mistakes.

This I chanted loudly for the first half an hour of our photoshoot until Emily, in her grace, told me to shut-up and just click the shutter.

So, I continued in my head.

Shut-up, stupid little man, speak through your photography!

Of course, when I accidentally started to say this out loud, it was very embarrassing for both Emily and I.

We started the shoot on this vintage chesterfield. It was not only comfortable, but beautiful. Although, we could only get one channel on the television (an avant-garde weather channel which indicated a blizzard visually and sonically without use of words), we were so comfortable on the couch that we wasted 1.5 hours watching.

“At this rate we’ll be snowed in,” I remarked.

After an accidental nap (Emily says she read a whole Charles Dickens, but she had sleep in her eyes too), it was time for an outfit change. Once a queen in a golden gown of yellow, Emily emerged from her dressing room in a simpler elegance. As much as I know she wanted to sit on the throne-like sofa, she was no longer worthy. And so, to the brown chair she was banished. (She didn’t really appreciate when I said this to her either.)

Fujifilm xt2 56mm 1.2 fuji

Oh, that my words might be as tactful as my lens. That my delivery might be as light as the light that hits the sensor (or film). I pray, photography, that if my words are heavy and insensitive (low ISO) that they are low resolution, pixelated and very difficult to make out (unlike actual low ISO pictures, which are quite clear).

Fujifilm xt2 56mm 1.2 fuji

I asked Emily to sit in front of the hanging map to highlight my love for travel. She asked, “What love for travel?” She didn’t realize it, but this question offended me.

“I love traveling, Emily. I travel! What do you mean?” I whined.

“You do? I had no idea. What traveling have you done?”

“What trav–!? I went all around Europe last year and took piles of photos! Haven’t you been following my blog?!”

“I knew about that trip, but that’s only one short trip. I wouldn’t say you’re a ‘traveler’.”

I’m not sure if it’s professional because I haven’t been a professional photographer very long, but I picked Emily up and plopped her down in front of the map for the next photo (pictured below: photo). At that point I was done talking to her.
Fujifilm xt2 56mm 1.2 fujiFujifilm xt2 56mm 1.2 fuji

Yes, Emily and I had another wonderfully, pleasant photo-shoot in which we got along like aperture and shutter speed. And neither of us were oversensitive like ISO. Sorry for the technical humour there, but if you’ve been reading this blog regularly, I expect you to be pretty knowledgeable about photography by now.

Fujifilm xt2 14mm 2.8 fuji

If you’d like to do a shoot (or music video, short film, etc) in this cool, retro apartment, get in contact! I’ll forward you to the proprietors of the establishment.