I’m not sure if I’ve posted any pictures of flow’rs yet. I capture (notice “capture”) so many things in images, that I can’t remember exactly everything I’ve posted. On sunny days, on dark days and on middle of the road days (neither dark nor very sunny) – maybe on a day that is rainy, but the sun still breaks through the clouds, or on a really muggy day that is overcast, but the clouds just won’t let go of their precipitation – there are still flow’rs. And these flow’rs surge forth from the earth to greet whatever weather comes.

Photography, are you there? Hear my plea. Make me understand the flow’r, that I might bring myself to exist the way it does. May I be like the bee that draws life from flow’r hole (metaphorically). Help me know the joy of being beautiful regardless of the elements around me. Let my velvety petals fly gladly in the tumult. Let this rose still bloom through the gale. I am the flow’r. I am beautiful!

Wish I got more and closer pictures of the bee.