A couple of real girls went on a fake vacation and they let me take their pictures! Of course, you’ll remember Emily from our previous dalliances, but we were also graced with the presence of Nicole! These two lassies enjoyed listening to romantic singles, reading magazines of yesteryear and lounging by a dusky pretend pool. All I had to do was capture (interesting term, isn’t it “capture”) their unquestionable beauty as they did these things. Pictures of them poised in pleasant perpetuity.

Photography, I’ve lost everything to you. These girls have pretend left their homes, but I have for real left all I’ve known for you. But is this a vacation, to sweat and toil over young frames within frames? Or is it a desperate attempt to live by freezing the life force of a person in pixels? Am I throwing away everything I could be, all the love I could have, just to click that magical button which sucks in beauty, demands my soul and leaves me as a husk of the man? Pretty much.

Nicole and Emily were photographed by myself with the aid of Katie Webb of Brain Kite on the set of their art installation [NO] VACANCY at the NAC. (Many of those words are hyperlinked).