Traveling is often seen as a sweaty, dirty, exhausting, tedious, vicious, wearing, grinding, filthy, hot, pathetic, wet, tiresome, draining, pointless and even ridiculous activity, but these girls do it with grace and class. Nicole and Emily, with their beauty adorning them like a grand garment (not to mention their pretty dresses), found their way onto a fake motel art installation and I was lucky enough to capture (hmm, what a neat term “capture”) them pretending to be travelers. Were it real, maybe even they would look haggard and weathered, but through this fictional journey, they appeared unphased by the destructive force that is traveling.

But, photography, can I run away from my pain? Can I escape, maybe through you, maybe literally, from all those things which haunt and tear at my soul? Please be the lifter of these burdens. Let my travel from this hell be refreshing and enriching, not devastating and full of unstoppable anguish!

Nicole and Emily were photographed by myself  with the aid of Katie Webb of Brain Kite on the set of their art installation [NO] VACANCY at the NAC. (Many of those words are hyperlinked). You can see Part One by clicking this sentence!