Although they are many and they scream in the skies above, seagulls are still beautiful birds with sun-reflecting wings which contrast against the blue of the lake with a perfection found only on the finest canvases of creation. And hidden in the trees, barely seen against the grey bark with their grey fur, is the squirrel, another misunderstood wonder which is treated like a vermin, a rat (another misunderstood creature).

 Behold, such a marvellous squirrel of the sky, blessed seagull. And behold, precious seagull of the land, blessed squirrel. May I remember, through your existence, that although I am just another loud person, grey and white (Caucasian), not special to the sight, that I am still an ethereal, sentient being of the grandest proportions, breathing, thinking, loving, strolling, taking naps and singing through this crazy nightmare called life.

I captured (notice “capture”) a bunch of typical animals, some grass and a fence last year.