Near my red brick-ed cottage there lies a town on the edge of a lake. You’ll find beautiful flowers, clear blue skies, warm suns and pleasant people selling ice-cream and jam. And if you take a moment to get off your bicycle or out of your car or down from your giant bus of Korean tourists, you’ll find beauty in things made by people. Houses, where we live, can be beautiful too. This is what I tried, using a camera, to capture (really let that word “capture” illuminate your mind).

And as we walk past doorway after doorway, may we see them as portals to new dimensions that, if we dare, could be filled with decadent riches that we’ve never seen before. And if we try those locks, may they be weak or unlocked because the doors are old and the mechanisms antique. And as we enter these dwellings quietly, let our foot steps be sure and silent and our satchel have room for the more expensive, ornate trinkets we might be able to swipe.

Took an evening walk, snapped some pics. Everything was normal and fine. Didn’t do anything wrong.