The sun, what a gorgeous orb, transcendant in its simplicity (in that it’s just a big ball of light). It makes the flowers, grass, lily-pads, weeds, hydro-poles, benches, children and apples grow! Does it make the water blue? It makes the sky pink! But it can be so shy, peeking through green leaves, lightly touching on green ponds and dancing between brambles in the tangled gardens on hidden estates.

Oh, dear, silly, scared sun, making shadows of sunglasses ironically long. You know we want to bask in you, let you dance along our skin, changing its colour. And when we try to capture you with photography (did you notice that word “capture”?), you leave do funny things through our lenses. Don’t make the flowers beg you to feed them, opening their pedals, desperately reaching for you. Give us your light and let us love you!

Just be careful, because too much tanning can give you some pretty deadly cancer.