The tattered remnants that remain from one of the most catastrophic volcanic eruptions in European history. Ruins. Just ruins. The historic evidence of billions of lives snuffed out in a moment… in a fiery, devastating explosion of lava.

Eventually, I found the iconic bodies, encased in murderous ash, preserved in a glass enclosure (hence the annoying reflections). Destruction was all I could see, feel, smell, taste… hear (many of those were imagined sensations).

These people probably didn’t want to die. Have you ever thought about that? In Pompeii, as it is many other places in the world, people don’t typically want to die. The normal thing is to want to live and then the strange thing is to welcome death. These souls, represented by sand-castle-type people statues, probably wish they were still alive… or at least stayed alive until a more natural death (like from old age or syphilis).

In the next 5 weeks (6 total), I will be bringing you, dear saintly reader, with me on a journey through the ruins of Pompeii and it is going to blow your mind! Each awe-inspiring and mesmerizing image is going to wow you and compel you to SHARE, LIKE and CLICK on my blog. You will learn all about Mount Vesuvius and both Pliny the Elder and Younger.