As you enter the ruins of Pompeii (the part of it you need to pay for, like an amusement park… of death), you are greeted by these sad looking, sleeping (or dead, most likely) faces (lower). And it crosses your mind that the sculptor must not have been too creative to make two of the same faces and then just position them slightly differently. You’re about to get a figurative punch in the face (sculpture)!

These faces are EVERYWHERE! I’m not sure if all the good sculptures were destroyed in the lava flood, but if Rome is any indication, Italians like doing the same thing over and over and over again.

If you look at this one beside this text (move your eyes to the right), you’ll notice it’s cracking AND missing an EYE!! Come on, guys! Have you no pride?!
Did you see that picture you just scrolled past? A great big courtyard and what do they do? TWO FACES! This one to the left is the other one in the background of the upper picture… yes, it looks like he has a telemarketer’s headset on. Wow, Pompeii, really creative! IT’S STILL JUST A FACE!

And in the picture below, it’s like they thought we wouldn’t notice it’s a face if they wrapped it up… guys, it’s just a wrapped up face. That’s not new!

I’m pretty pleased with the composition of the next picture. Composition is very important in photography and, for the laidman, it means “the way things are laid out in the picture”. If this was the only picture you saw (on my instagram, for instance – follow me), you’d probably think it was pretty neat, but since in this post it’s just another in a long line of decapitated faces, it’s dull, dull, dull. Now you know how I felt.

Pompeii would be very exciting to photograph if there wasn’t for all those repetitive face sculptures photo-bombing every picture!

If you already have piles of the same sculpture scattered around everywhere, it’s okay to throw one or two in the garbage. Especially if half of it is missing and it’s filled with holes! But that’s the Italians, right? They never throw anything away.