Just to be clear: Snakes are reptiles, frogs are amphibians, turtles are reptiles, I’m not sure what that insect is, but it’s an insect, and Herons are birds. The rest of this post will not have that much substance.

Last post was about wonderful things found in the quaint and serene cottage country where I was able to spend some time. Amid the flowers, calm waters and dangerously hot sun, there were also creatures which could, at once, startle you and then turn your stomach. Oh, and fascinate you. The only thing I knew how to do (as a pro-am photographer now) was capture (mmmm, “capture”) them in some images (which are basically light hitting a camera sensor or something… it’s very complicated and this isn’t a technical blog).

Oh, pictures, you have lost the glorious fear and disgust of the actual thing that are captured in you. You’ve made the devastating precious, the despicable pretty. I dream to be found within you, a picture, and seen as a thing of intricate beauty. Let me, please, like the jewel covered snake, be an object, via pictures, of insurmountable desire!

Just a few pics of creatures. Shoulda gotten more.