Behold, the rich, awe-inspiring heritage of sculpture which litters the Roma landscape. You may have heard the saying “too much of a good thing”. This could apply to statues in Italy. Eventually, they just don’t feel special anymore.


rome68Photography, my holy prayer, my bended knee, my sacrificial lamb. May you never be like the holy statues of Rome: overbearing, repetitive and redundant. Bless my lens, bless my exposure and bless thine sensor (or film).


The modern day graphic novel (known by the kiddies as the “comic book”) is the most accurate representation of our culture. These tomes of artfully told stories celebrate our heroes (fictional) and our humanity (sometimes mixed with bug or crocodile DNA, etc). It’s my best guess (I’m a photographer, albeit very good, not a historian) that Roman sculptures were the comic books of the time.

Of course, if they are comics (not the funny pages), they are certainly x-rated. Yes, much of what you’ll see whilst wandering the avenues of Roma will be rock hard softcore porn sculpted from rock hard rock. In the spirit of decency and propriety, I took the high road and will only post pictures of naked men whose penises (presumed uncircumcised) were stricken from their loins (a thousand apologies for the scrotum).


Simplicity is what makes a good graphic novel (not so many words) and a really great photo (no words at all)! That’s why this picture (pictured right) was a terrible volume. It’s one of those convoluted stories that no one really understands. Who is the guy on the horse? What is that angel doing? Who is in that chariot coming over the cliff? Just calm down and keep it simple, stupid.






This photo (photo: pictured below) is the same area (does anyone know where in Rome this is? I remember that I was there, but can’t remember where exactly it is) as the previous picture (picture: above photo) and yet it doesn’t shed more light on the story at all. A lion with wings? Come on, guys, that belongs in Greece. Can we not overlap cultures, please?!

And that brings me to the stairs. There are too many stairs. Sure, they look cool and it’s fun to stand high up and feel like a pharaoh (or Italian equivalent), keep in mind you still have to walk up them (usually on a sickeningly hot day too).

Actually, I’m not sure if this photo is anywhere near the previous one.