I need to take a moment at the top of this post to apologize for my last post. It seems some people think my posts have been slipping into pretentious territory (something I actively try to avoid, as advertised) and I can really see it in the last post. Poetry? Really?! What have I become?

So, for this post, I will return to form and be a salt-of-the-earth fella, a man of the people, an everyman (aka unpretentious).

They got crap growing everywhere over there in Roma, dude!


Check out these shutters! Open, closed, half open, half closed… who cares?! They have crap growing all over them! It’s nuts, bro!


Um, do you want to be hit in the face by a bunch of leaves when you leave your door?! I don’t! But I guess the Romans do, because they let this crap grow EVERYWHERE! Even in their doorways. Oops, big mistake, ya fink!


This next photo (picture: below) is actually very pretty. And I think the one shutter open look is really working for the side of this building. That’s Roma though, a rich history of Architectural excellence! Do you dig it… man?


Luckily all the cars in Europe are micro machines! LOL!! I mean, seriously, this thicket is inches away from knocking some Italiano off his Vespa. Ever heard of pruning sheers, folks? Get with the program, Rome. You’re never going to get a hummer down there with all those dinky cars in the way and a floating garden! LOL!


But really, quite beautiful foliage in unexpected places.