What follows (not logically as in an argument, but on the page as in what comes up if you scroll down) is a picture which could have been posted in Part II of this Study. This same site (does anyone know where this is?) was featured in that photoblog, but it was from a different perspective.

Photography, you are wise. Your wisdom comes from your delightful ability to see the world and, yes, capture it (what a neat word “capture”) from many different angles. You, blessed magic, show us there is more than one way to see the world and we love you for it.


This new and exciting perspective is from some ruins (as you can see in the foreground of the photo: above). Not entirely sure where or what these ruins are. Do you? Why not comment about it?

Anyway, that big structure looks beautiful! Breath-taking! Awe-inspiring! Why? Because it’s finished. Maybe it was ruined too, but, unlike the pillars in the foreground and a bunch of other things in Roma (I’m looking at you colosseum), it was fixed. Come on, Rome, fix up these ruins, why don’t you? They’re really taking away from your aesthetically pleasing buildings and too many statues.

rome22Look, I get it, none of us like waiting in traffic due to construction and road crews. It’s annoying and tedious, but the results would be far better than looking at what is essentially rubble in the middle of a generally picturesque city. Get on it, Roma!

Photo Tutorial:

(Along with the photojournalism, I will be doing tutorials to help people learn how to take amazing pictures like me.)

Perspective isn’t always a what angle, zoom or where you’re standing thing. It also has to do with focus! What we focus on is so important to our photos and our lives. For instance, is this image (pictured: below) better when focusing down the alley or when focusing on the window sill? I’ll let you be the judge of that (comment: below).

But focus is also important in life, sometimes. It can change your perspective on things (there’s that word again: “perspective”). For instance, you may focus on the undercooked turkey at Christmas or you could focus on being with your family and loved ones. You might focus on someone having a breakdown in the kitchen later that evening or you could focus on the salmonella you’re suffering from. Focus will change the way you remember a holiday, much like what you focused on in the photos you took during it.

rome36Here are some ruins where the gladiators trained before being ushered to their almost certain death. Some say, the fate of gladiators mirrors that of the Chosen People (Jews) during the holocaust (both died). This would be the Auschwitz of Roma, then, I guess (not sure how old the air conditioner is though)!


Below you’ll see a picture that is a perfect example of an area that needs revitalization! Get rid of the dead trees, get rid of that solo pillar (or build some more and put a roof on ’em) and plant some flow’rs. Come on, Rome! It’s like you don’t know what you’ve got here.