I hibernate through the winter. Like a bear eating its weight, thickening its coat and getting ready for a big nap, I grow a very attractive beard (lumber-sexual), don my plaid fleece and eat copious amounts of pasta (spaghetti, linguine, gnocchi). But when the leaves return to the trees, covering their nakedness like Adam/Eve reborn each year,  I rub my crusty eyes, stretch my disused limbs and shake the cobwebs from ’round my brain. Soon, it’s time to break out my precious camera and capture (I missed that incredible word) all the new birth around me!

And with this new sight from the spring sun may I re-learn the art of you, photography. May I quickly get back to where I was before the wint’ry lull and grow in you through my new glass (couple new lenses) and new pictures of old haunts. Don’t hide from me, photographic experience, like the ground-hog hides from my shutter. Rather, be delicate like a flow’r, yet a powerful fortress like a fort. I will touch you softly like those velvet petals and hide in you like those tree trunk walls.

First day out with the camera since winter.