On a quiet afternoon, I took to the stomping grounds of my youth with some new glass on my camera with which to capture (not in a jail type way, but still “capture”, I like that) my surroundings (“We have you surrounded!” LOL). I was fortunate this was a Thursday because what a throwback! There’s something about beautiful places from my childhood, still beautiful today, which reminds me of young love. I don’t know who Kris and Lily are, but it seems they shared that kind of love.

Lush grasses, benches which my body curves to, flow’rs to excite my senses and swings to help me cut through the air: my youth. And like I imagined being able to swing in a full circle, around and around the top bar, please take me back to that young love which took me to heights of fantasy. Yet, they were real, those heights, unlike the swing thing which is just stupid. Oh, photography, bring me back there.

Took some pictures at Queenston Heights and remembered my youth a bit.