Italy is a very religious country. What a blessing it is to have so many churches all over the place. And a big plus when those churches believe in worshipping through giving. 

A little bit of history here. This church, the main one in Amalfi, is located in the Piazza Duomo. What’s a Piazza? It’s like a little town square. It’s like a hangout spot. It’s more or less an introvert’s nightmare.

The cathedral was dedicated to Saint Andrew, the patron saint of finishing a whole pizza in one sitting. If Saint Andrew were still alive, he would be turning over in his grave because I had a pizza from a restaurant in the Duomo and it had canned mushrooms on it. I regret ever stealing it, but I did the guy who bought it a favour.

You can see this church tower towers above all the other buildings on the block/in the Duomo. The steeple towers over the people.

Italian Christians, as with most Christians, were always terrified that persecution was coming. This will surprise many of you who have heard of the pope and the Vatican. Nevertheless, the Amalfiers built a church tower to be camouflage against the side of this mountain.

“No one will be able to find us and martyr us now”, they must have thought.


As you can see, many brightly dressed tourists coming to this church daily, weekly AND monthly each year. Do they come minutely? Don’t be dumb.

It’s hard to nap with the clanging of footsteps echoing in the cavernous hall of a very famous church. Annoying. Tourists need to respect people who have come into a church like this for genuine reasons like prayer, candle lighting and napping.  Ultimately, I was able to find this old, out of the way church in which to nap. No one was there, really. Just a few people to slip by. I’m actually not entirely sure it was a church. But what a snooze!