Sometimes, though you’ve been there before and captured (hmmm, “captured”) the samethings, when springtime rolls around, you need to go out and shoot the samespringtimethings. I’ve been here before (as I’ve said) and taken these images, but still, they’re new. We walk this same road, spinning through the new hours, seasons changing with similar patterns. And don’t we love to go on and on about the subtle differences (“it wasn’t this hot last year”)? The changes can be far greater as we numbly stumble from day to day. The people in our lives change, our happiness is there and then it’s gone, we lose our focus, we don’t know what we want anymore.

Photography, through your freeze-frame, you show us that we are nowhere new, that we have all we had and are surrounded by everything we know. Doesn’t it follow then, that we can find our lost loves, passions? Does this not mean that our focus can be reborn and we can finally get on track toward our goals? I know this path, these trees, this expression, this desire. Through these pictures I will find my way. I will follow the bread crumbs of samethings through the rebirth of springtime.

Back in springtime, I took some pics around Botanical Gardens.