When I finally woke up in Venice, I took a stroll through the insane streets and finally observed some of the unique architecture. It’s like the Italians in Venice were going through an identity crisis. Everything is decidedly Arabian/Middle Eastern.
Have you ever seen a movie set? Have you ever been watching a movie and you’re thinking, that’s obviously a set! And it’s a set that appears “distressed”? It’s obviously painted to look old and dirty. Well, that’s Venice. Look at these facades, how they’re made to look crappy.Look at the door in this one. Someone painted it a nice greenish blue and yet it’s worn in the middle. Why? What’s wearing that particular area? Hands? Well, then use better paint, because hands shouldn’t wear paint like that.
Good idea, put some flowers out on your very very narrow balcony! Oh, yeah, that’ll distract from the greasy stains all over the side of your building. Wouldn’t you clean that up first? If you wanted things to look nice with flowers, wouldn’t you first tidy up the walls? UNLESS you wanted the place to look distressed so tourists feel some old world, crappy charm!
I welcome to Iran… er… Venice.
If there’s one thing I know about Italians, it’s that they’re at brick laying, tiling and probably cement work (because it’s all part of the same thing). I mean, stucco HAS to be an Italian word. So, why is the brick exposed on this and the cement/stucco work looks so poor? It doesn’t have to. Anyone in the country could fix it. It’s on purpose!
These people had a really nice place, so they counteracted it with some dying plants. They’re still working on dirtying up the balconies and yellow paint. Just wait, it’ll get worse over time if they do their job right.Interesting, you can see the brick work changed here to make the windows look more Middle Eastern from their more typical square design. When did that happen? Are you trying to make this place look more exotic? We’re on to you, Venice! No comment.A little more of the same here. Just kinda combining the nonsense seen earlier.
What’s the point of these stupid, tiny balconies? You can’t even fit a chair on it!   I love art and Venice is a work of it, if you consider set design to be art. But really, this accurate representation of the average tourist, is poignant. This one isn’t filthy, they just painted it 3 different shades! It’s as if they ask themselves “how do we make this crappy?” and go from there. At the same time, they add crests and things to make it seem like they’re not trying to make it crappy. It’s really tricky.  This is a message I found in Venice. It’s very true.