People who have been keeping up with this interesting, awe-inspiring, but never pretentious, photo-blog will know that I really love getting up on my thick-fendered, candy-apple red, fixed-gear, retro-looking bicycle and going for a ride whilst I capture (“capture”) all the wonders I can using the magic of my crop-sensored camera. That was a long sentence. I had no idea that very near-by my red-brick-ed cottage there is a massive cliff with water charging over it, unabated! Whoa! What a remarkable place! I couldn’t stop myself from collecting this place in a series of photographs (this is part one).

When you find a new place that millions of people have already been aware of, is it not still special? When droves of drones drive to the drink, drifting… (can’t think of more “dr” words) can I not see it as magical and precious with my brand new eyes? Seriously, I’m getting angry now, why isn’t something cool after it becomes really popular? Just because EVERYBODY likes it, why can’t it be intriguing and mystical? I’m sorry, but I think Niagara Falls is still something. I know you’ve seen a million pictures like these, but come on, it’s cool!

I wish this blog had a hope of becoming so popular that it becomes uncool.