If you’re like me, you think that humanity has progressively become more and more intelligent the longer they’ve existed. If you consider how dumb Neanderthals were (not that there are many eye-witness accounts), it should be pretty obvious to you that we’re on an upward trajectory to some intellectual enlightenment/perfection! This, of course, doesn’t count each younger generation which is usually made up of idiot kids who have no foresight and constantly make stupid, entitled mistakes.

So, imagine my surprise seeing these elaborate interiors exhumed from the ruins of Pompeii. I had to laugh, picturing these bone-headed morons with paint brushes and pigments (not sure how such idiots could figure out how to make paint) doing illustrations of plants and wildlife on their walls. I mean, they were so small-minded that that’s all they knew! And the rest of the time, they just painted lines and squares like some square-headed dunderheads.

Notice there is NOTHING as imaginative as, let’s say, Spongebob Squarepants anywhere in sight! No pineapple under the sea, no mention of hamburgers, these empty-headed, brain-dead fools had no clue, did they?

I know you’re probably thinking, as many people who were around me did, that these interiors are actually pretty ornate. Yes, they are… kind of. You’re thinking that because you know that it was simpletons who did it. It’s like when you’re impressed at your 3 year old’s portrait, but it really does just suck, it’s just slightly better than the sucky garbage other 3 year olds do. That’s Pompeii!

And check out this floor. Those were individually laid tiles (Italians LOVE tiling). You may think that’s pretty impressive, but some fat-headed stupid-face actually put each tile down individually. They didn’t even glue it on some mesh stuff first and theyn put it down in larger squares. What a waste of time, but certainly expected for how dumb folks were back then.

Seeing this gives me hope for the future, because we are WAY smarter than these primitives.

I’m a photographer (unpretentious) which is a type of artist (but you knew that), so it might be biased for me to believe that it takes a pretty incredibly high level of intelligence to make art. With that said, what on earth were the ancient Italians of Pompeii thinking doing art?!!? Like, come on, guys! You don’t have the capacity. It’s like they didn’t know they were losers from olden times and were trying to act like smart artistic humans from modern times. How dumb can a society be?!

So, we may already know that ancient peoples were generally less as smart as we are and that we know more than them and are wiser and have nothing to learn from them (except from their many mistakes, which we won’t make because we’re like a different human race now and nothing like them), but there are other things to can learn from observing things in old ruins like Pompeii.

For instance, in the following picture, you’ll see a very high window. Now, you may think they put that there to just let in some light and to make it difficult for the vicious panther (painted on the wall of a previous picture) to jump in and kill their family, but you need to realize these people were too mentally inferior to invent and then build ladders. Also, how would they look outside? We can conclude that the Italians of Pompeii were very VERY tall (unlike modern Italians). These were giants! Another way humanity has changed: from the tall idiots of yesterday to the short brilliant people we are today.

I have GOT to see an episode of the Kardashians where they do pottery! Imagine!??! 😛